3 Ways Mobile CRM Make Car Dealers’ Lives Easy In Tenfold

When it comes to a car dealership CRM on a system, not only it lessens the load of work on the shoulders of the car dealers, but it also helps in saving the cost of the dealership firm. While making a purchase, make sure your CRM system does involve a super-feature called ‘mobility’, in other words, it is operable on mobile devices too. You always want to keep your CRM system while you are on the go. Here are the reasons why.

  1. It helps in scanning customers’ licenses and VINs.

While you are on the go, and you need the customer details like their licenses or VINs immediately, mobile CRM makes it quite easy. They have a built-in scanner while will help you scan the same and store, manage or send it as an attachment to the concerned party in no time and with quite an ease. Apart from licenses and VINs, you can also capture the year, make, model, and trim or style of the vehicle and permits you to add extra information to the attachment too.  Additionally, it helps you prevent the mundane paperwork.

  1. It gives easy and responsible access to customers’ information at any place at any time.

You never know where an emergency might pop up. Sometimes, it becomes vital to make quick decisions, to contact your customers as soon as possible, or find some kind of information about a negotiation deal for your boss while you are not in your workspace. The entire process of buying and selling vehicles can be quick and unpredictable to the core, to where mobile CRM becomes our godsend savior. You can call your customer anywhere, or you can even send them a text message or an email through your phone instantly. And since punctuality and responsiveness are two pillars of the sales industry, the quicker you are to respond, the better you add to the credibility of your dealership.

  1. Super-ability to synchronize.

The mobile app of your dealership CRM is not only to make calls and manage the data remotely. You can even sync it seamlessly and immediately with the desktop application of your CRM software. In other words, it means that every minor piece of information and data stored in your CRM system for auto dealers will always be kept and maintained updated, no matter where you are to login to the system and access the information.

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