CarGuard: What Does Your Vehicle Protection Plan Cover?

A vehicle protection plan will cover particular parts detailed in the program you sign up for. These programs are available from third-party providers, but not all are created equal.

You’ll want to do your due diligence and find the best provider if you expect top-notch service and coverage for particular parts of your vehicle. There are dozens of companies that provide protection plans, but you want a company that will provide you with best-in-class service.

Why Get A Vehicle Protection Plan?

A protection plan for your vehicle is a contract agreement that covers specific services regarding the mechanical breakdown of particular car parts.

These plans come in handy when your manufacturer’s warranty has ended. Vehicle protection plans range from full coverage, covering nearly all that a factory warranty covers. Alternatively, a powertrain warranty provides primary coverage.

CarGuard Administration’s mission is to quickly take care of your claims while giving you high-quality customer service. They are deeply committed to their clients. Their level of service has allowed the company to be a leader in the service industry for half a decade.

A factory warranty is included when you purchase a new vehicle. It’s excellent protection in case anything happens to your vehicle.

Whatever car you purchase will require some level of service. No car is built to be driven forever and not require any care. A protection plan from CarGuard Administration or other service providers is like insurance when it occurs. Plus, getting a service plan is wise because most vehicles need service after 60,000 miles.

What happens when you need vehicle service, and your manufacturer’s warranty has already expired? This is when you will require a vehicle protection plan to keep your vehicle running in the best condition possible.

A plan from a third-party provider like CarGuard Administration gives you a great deal of coverage to handle expected and unexpected repairs when your manufacturer’s warranty is no longer valid. Here are some of the benefits of having a vehicle protection plan

    • Guaranteed coverage for many miles beyond what your manufacturer’s warranty will cover
    • Cover repairs with only the cost of your deductible
    • Roadside assistance if your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly
    • Choose a repair shop that you’re comfortable with and trust

What You Can Expect From A Vehicle Protection Plan

If you have a car with high mileage, know that it is much more likely to break down, and you’ll need to be prepared for that. You can drive with a level of security if you’ve secured a safety plan.

If your car is broken down and you’re stranded, an extended warranty will ensure you have access to a towing service, and your vehicle will be taken to a certified auto repair shop nearby.

Your vehicle protection provider can also give you the option of getting a rental car to prevent a mishap from disrupting your life.

If you have a car with high mileage, problems could occur sometime in the future, but you may need to know precisely when. Having a protection plan will provide assistance and reassurance.

Additional Benefits Of A Vehicle Protection Plan

A picture of a white car parked in a parking lot; find vehicle protection with CarGuard Administration

It’s easy to determine if the cost of a plan is worth the potential problems you may experience, especially if you have a high-mileage vehicle. Not all vehicles are created equally.

There is always a possibility that you may only use part of your plan, but there is also the chance that it will pay for itself in some cases, many times.

It also requires effort to put a dollar amount into the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a vehicle protection plan. However, you will only have to cover the total cost out of pocket if a significant element of your car fails.

A protection plan from CarGuard Administration and other providers covers future repairs and security that specific repairs will be covered.

However, saving money for vehicle repairs is still wise to cover your deductible. A plan is not going to cover your car 100% outright.

Some protection plans will have requirements for the repairs to be covered. But there is no doubt that a plan will ease the financial woes of unexpected significant repairs.

So What Does Your Vehicle Protection Plan Cover With CarGuard Administration?


The CarGuard Administration Protection Platinum Program is one of their clients’ main programs. Plus, their Protection Programs include roadside assistance and a rental car program.

Platinum is new car coverage up to 125k or 150k miles. Platinum Deluxe becomes the Powertrain program at 125k miles.

CarGuard Administration Platinum Protection includes coverage for your vehicle’s cooling system, seals & gaskets, fuel system, front/rear suspension, A/C, electrical components, steering, brake components, transfer case, drive axle, transmission, turbo supercharge, and engine.


The CarGuard Administration Gold Program is similar to the Platinum Program, with slightly less coverage. It also includes roadside assistance and a rental car in the event that you need it.

The Gold plan includes everything that the Platinum Protection plan includes, minus coverage for seals & gaskets. Platinum is new car coverage up to 125k or 150k miles.


The Powertrain Program is a baseline plan which covers six integral elements of your car. It includes coverage for the drive axle, engine, transmission, electrical, and more.


The Prepaid Plan includes; three oil changes, brake pads/shoes, battery replacement and cooling system maintenance/lube.

The Highlights Of Having A Vehicle Protection Plan

Stick with the recommended maintenance schedule for your car to prolong its life and help prevent failures from happening prematurely.

A protection plan will not prevent your car from deteriorating, so regular maintenance is required. Not taking proper care of your care increases the chances that something will fail.

Providing essential care to your care will help ensure your claim is accepted successfully rather than denied.

What is the typical maintenance your car needs? This includes rotating your tires, changing the oil, doing regular fluid checks, and visiting a service center at intervals, such as every 30,000 miles.

It’s easy to file a claim instantly with CarGuard Administration on the website if damages occur to a covered part of your car included within your plan.

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