Learn More About the Much-Anticipated New Model of Mercedes Benz

It is known to everyone that SUVs are very popular among Americans. It provides ample space and gives smooth driving experience even in rough conditions. They are perfect option for a big family no matter what size, shape and model you select. Every model has different characteristics that play a major role in their performance. Weight also affects the speed and acceleration of these cars.

There are different types of SUVs depending upon your lifestyle. The point is how a person can select an SUV when there are around eighty models present in the market? When looking for the right Sports Utility Vehicle, it is good to do some research work. Companies like Mercedes have launched 15 new models in US and is trying to align cars in India as well. One of the well-known SUV is Mercedes GLC model.

With latest features and high-end technology, Mercedes SUV has made its place in every consumer’s heart. A brand-new Mercedes model has same characteristics that other luxury SUV’s have. Mercedes doesn’t charge you for these basic features but other brands add extra amount for every extra features. Although all models are unique but depending upon the requirement, choice changes for everyone.

The top most SUV model is Mercedes GLC and here are some facts about it –

  • There are GLA and GLE in Mercedes brand but C class has longer wheel support and taller cabin which makes it more spacious. Its interior is similar to a Sedan.
  • GLC model have four cylinders of 2.1 liters for diesel engine but, petrol provision is also there.
  • The nine-speed automatic gearbox in Mercedes will handle the transmission speed which is standard in all models. It also has 4matic all wheel drive system, and air suspension that can be adjusted.
  • The price range for C class will start from $39,150 and it can deviate depending upon those extra features that you keep adding.

Many brands have same features that a standard Mercedes model has but their price is quite high compared to Mercedes. It is wise to buy a model not only because it has good features but also because it suits your pocket. To your knowledge, the GLC model has won the Motor Trend SUV award for the year 2017.

You might add some extra features to make it look classier and you can also compromise on some features to cut down on price. However, you cannot cut down on safety features at all. Front as well side airbags, also rollover protection feature is necessity and not luxury.

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