How Can You Buy Automobile Parts Without Being Overcharged?

If you are a car owner then you know very well, how the car dealers often charge you very high price to replace any part. Any small part that may cost just $5 may be charged at 5000 per cent premium. If the part happens to be not too familiar to you then it will cost you a moon. Now let me share you the secret of getting any of these spare parts at nominal price.

  • Do little research

There are two useful websites namely and eBay that you must visit before you buy any spare part. From both these websites you will get the market price of any of the product. Some of the parts may have little longer delivery time as they are imported from overseas countries.

  • You need to verify the part number

You need to call the dealer to confirm the part number before you decide to buy any parts. Without knowing the exact part number, you may end up getting wrong parts. There are certain parts are very unique to any particular type of engine. Most of these parts can be any sensor, alternators or starters.

  • Be little polite when you call

When you call any alternate source like Autohaus California or any other dealer then you need to be little polite so that you can expect cooperation from them. Few parts are so much similar that you will not be able to differentiate. Therefore, these alternate car dealers may ask little more details about your car model to find the exact replacement. You should answer them in a cool manner and thank them for their cooperation.

  • Do not depend too much on Craigslist

While buying any auto parts you cannot depend much on Craigslist as they mostly sell rejected parts which are not properly checked too. The other two sources that was mentioned earlier will either exchange your part or return your money back.

  • Look for coupons

Most of the dealers of auto parts can be expensive however if you visit their website then you may get coupon codes or rebate from the OEM which may often pop up when you visit their website.

Some of the dealership may tell you that your warranty will be void if you buy parts from alternate sources however that is not true.

  • Buy personally if it is rare parts

If the parts of any hybrid vehicles are totally unique then visit the junkyard personally while buying them.

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