Types Of Number Plates In India: A Complete Guide

A number plate displays the car’s registration number registered with companies like Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance. The lettering and numerals represent the vehicle’s specific information.*

Here are the different varieties of licence plates in India and their respective regulations:

White Licence Plate

The most prevalent form of licence plate in India is the white plate, used for private vehicles. This licence plate form has black letters and numbers on a white background.

Yellow Licence   Plate

The number plate is used to transport vehicles in India, including taxis, rickshaws, buses, and lorries. The letters and numerals on these licence plates are printed in black on a yellow background.

Green Number Plate

India uses green licence plates for electric vehicles. The letters and numerals on these licence plates are white against a green background. However, Private vehicles receive a green licence plate with white lettering, whereas commercial vehicles receive a green licence plate with yellow lettering. Car insurance prices may differ when you have an electric vehicle.*

Black Licence Plate

Self-rental vehicles (bikes and automobiles) use black licence plates in India. They are commercially registered vehicles. However, a commercial driver’s licence is not required to operate a car with black number plates. On a black background, these number plates feature yellow letters and numerals.

Blue Licence Plate

In India, vehicles belonging to foreign missions and embassies have blue licence plates. The letters and numerals on these licence plates are white against a blue background. The licence plate reads CC for Consular Corps, UN for United Nations, DC for Diplomatic Corps, etc.

Red Licence Plate

Brand-new vehicles are issued red licence plates. These are impermanent licence plates. Temporary registration information is displayed in white on a scarlet licence plate. Before getting a new car, using the car insurance calculator to get competitive quotes is advisable.*

Red Licence Plate Bearing India’s Emblem

Red licence plates bearing India’s emblem are utilised for official vehicles of the President of India, Vice President of India, Governors of States, Lieutenant Governors of Union Territories, and other high-ranking government officials. These licence plates have white letters and numbers on a red background, with the Indian flag in the centre.

Number Plate With An Arrow Pointing Upwards

In India, military vehicles have licence plates with arrows pointing upwards. These licence plates have black letters and numbers on a yellow background, with an arrow pointing upwards in the first section.

Elements Of A Vehicle Licence Plate

Here are the components of an Indian vehicle registration stamp that can ascertain your car insurance cover*:

  • The first two letters of a vehicle’s licence plate indicate the jurisdiction in which it is registered.
  • The subsequent digits represent the Regional Transport Office (RTO) where the car is registered.
  • The third element is alphabetic-numerical. Each car has a unique code.
  • “IND” is the international registration code for India, the final component.
  • India’s regulations for vehicle number plates

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