How to protect your van from extreme weather conditions

When the winter weather kicks in, there are many threats to your van that could leave it looking dirty or even cause costly damage. If your van is important to you in your daily life, it is crucial that you take steps to protect it from extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, mud, snow and frost.

Fortunately, there are various things you can do, and there are outlets that supply a range of products to make it easier.

Products to protect your van against extreme weather

Van covers

First and foremost, van covers are a great way to keep your van protected when it is not in use. These protective covers are tailored to fit specific vehicles and are made from robust materials to provide protection against snow, frost and rain.

They are easy to install whenever you park up for the night and will ensure that, in the morning, you can simply remove the cover and your van will be in exactly the same condition you left it in, ready to use. Screen wraps can also be used to protect against frost building up on the windscreen.

Floor mats

Rugged, hardwearing floor mats are a must for your work boots, particularly during the winter months when you might be walking mud, sand, snow and all sorts of things into your van.

With a robust rubber floor mat, you have something that is built to withstand wear and tear from your boots and protect the van floor from everything you bring inside, ensuring everything stays in optimal condition. Seat covers are also great for helping with this.

Bonnet bras

Waterlogged roads and surfaces covered in anti-frost grit present a risk of debris being kicked up and chipping the bonnet of your van while driving. Bonnet bras can be installed on the bonnet to protect against this particular threat.

Chips and dents in the bonnet can lead to bigger problems like rust over time, so it’s best to prevent them from the outset. A bonnet bra is an excellent way to do this, and the design can be stylish and complementary to the rest of your vehicle.

Van maintenance

Extreme weather calls for some particular attention to maintaining your van. Consider the following:

  • Check the battery regularly
  • Ensure your windscreen wipers are in good working order
  • Think about winter tyres
  • Wax to protect the paintwork
  • Mudguards
  • Check the oil level regularly

Final thoughts

Weather is a fact of life, and bad weather can be damaging to vehicles and dangerous for driving. With the simple tips listed in this article, you could protect your van against some of the negative effects of extreme weather and ensure you are safe when you hit the road in your van.

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