How to calculate the cost of motor insurance in Singapore?

Increasing the cost of new cars for insurance first, the old and new foreign cars cost more than the average car style of stealing. This is the biggest value of an old car against a new car. For example, a new Chevy Capri is more expensive than the old Chevy Capri. It costs more to replace a new, costly car than an older, less expensive car.

Second, the cost of repairing a new car is more than the cost of repairing the old car. Thus, this fact will increase your insurance premium costs for a new car. For example, if a new Chevy wave is damaged in an accident, repairing auto repair shop and more money will charge ten years if the subject car was Chevy wave than a year. For this reason, your motor insurance Singapore company, such as repair costs, will take more premiums than an older vehicle.

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