Maruti Celerio X vs Maruti Swift

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

When you finally to get a car, the question that is likely to be on your mind is which cay to get. If you already have your two choices, compare them; Maruti Suzuki Celerio X vs Maruti Swift are two cars that people love. So, choosing between the two you have to analyze them beyond the pricing. One of the things that you will quickly notice is that the Maruti Celerio X Petrol has a mileage of 23 kmph and the Maruti Swift Diesel has 28.4 kmph. This simply means the Celerio X has a 998-cc engine and Maruti Swift has 1187 cc engine.

Qualities of the Maruti Celerio X

High Efficiency

The Celerio X has hatchback body type, and it belongs to segment B with a single engine of 1187 cc, a 67 bhp power given out the 3-cylinder petrol. This power output is high but sufficient for urban drivers. The Celerio it uses petrol, and its transmission is manual.

This modern car is efficient with five automatic gears, which allows the driver to control the car efficiently.  The gearbox is similar to the regular ones; the selector lever is similar to the conventional automatic transmission and comes without a clutch pedal. The only difference is that the gears are shift using hydraulic, which is powered and controlled electronically.

You enjoy easy driving and enjoy easy navigation even during massive traffic jams. The latest version of Maruti Celerio X has a modified engine, and the traditional K10 is gone.  The new engine is silent and has great power with peak power of 67/6000 and peak torque is 90/3500.

Enhanced Safety

The Maruti Suzuki is a classy automobile is safe for passengers with a security system to block intruders.  It has safety enhancements in case of an accident including the dual airbag system for the driver and passenger on the front seat. Also, it has an anti-locking braking system, which optimizes the passengers and driver’s safety.

Variety of colors

The car is available in elegant colors allowing you to choose what you love most.

Qualities of the Maruti Swift

The Maruti Swift comes with classy features with a petrol engine powered by K-series 1.2 liters petrol which gives 82 BHP power overall combined with the torque of 115 Nm. The diesel variant churns out 74 BHP and torque of 190Nm. Both engines come with 5- gearbox, providing incredible experience when driving.

Swift braking System

The Maruti Suzuki Swift has dual airbags at the front for the driver and the passenger sitting to next to them. The braking system is reliable and perfect for emergency braking.

Swift performance

The Maruti Suzuki Swift has a refined engine that gives high-performance, which provides you with great driving experience. Though it comes with a manual gearbox, the 1.2 liters engine delivers an excellent performance. It is an excellent choice when looking for satisfying performance. It has improved handling figures and efficiency despite not getting significant changes on its engines specifications.

With the above information, you can now wisely choose between Maruti Suzuki Celerio X and Maruti Swift.

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