Should You Import Your Motorcycle Into Australia?

Importing and exporting motorcycles and other vehicles in and out of a country today is very common, especially for a country like Australia that is a lot easier to communicate with by water and air. Contacting Dazmac is going to make the process easier, but the question is, should you do it, and is it going to be worth it?

The answers to your questions

Of course, no question comes along with a couple of other questions, and neither does this one. Therefore, you will be able to find a quick summary regarding the importing process in order to make a decision if you should import your motorcycle to Australia.

When it comes to importing, Australia has a couple of unique policies just like all the other countries do, and before you import a motorcycle into Australia, you should check if the motorcycle does not break any of those policies.

Do note that these policies change every now and then and that there is a big difference in the policies if you are importing a newly purchased vehicle, or a vehicle that you already own for over twelve months. While importing a motorcycle that you have been owning and using for more than a year is fairly easy if the model is allowed in Australia, importing a newly purchased vehicle is a bit trickier.

One of the most important policies that most of the people miss out on is that you may not import more than a single motorcycle. If you imported a motorcycle in the past that is still registered in your name, you will not be able to get access to your motorcycle, even if it passes the whole importing process.

Enjoying a motorcycle ride by the ocean is one of the best experiences

Importing new motorcycles into Australia

Being trickier than already owning a motorcycle should not discourage you since the process is still very simple, but there’s a big chance that the procedure will take significantly longer as the motorcycle will have to go under a couple of routine checks.

Importing motorcycle from USA to Australia with Dazmac Logistics is very simple, and by contacting them you will get to know everything about the importing procedure in great detail, and you will be able to track your motorcycle for a very affordable price. However, you should keep in mind that the model you are importing can also affect the situation as some models are quite expensive for importing.

Importing a custom made vehicle into Australia is unfortunately really difficult

Once you let a company take care of the importing process, you will get the access to your motorcycle, and again, you will have to do with a couple of post-import procedures that again vary on the model and the ownership status on the motorcycle.

If you happen to be the owner for more than a year, you will most likely have the documentation necessary to get the registration swiftly, while you will have to wait a couple of days and pay extra fees in order to receive your registration if the motorcycle is newly purchased or if it hasn’t been in your possession for more than twelve months.

Final Word

There are a lot of positive and negative aspects when it comes to importing a motorcycle into Australia, and it is very important to you to see where you stand before you begin the process by taking everything into account such as the model, the ownership status, the price, and other information.

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