A Simple But Practical Guide To Follow When Reaching Out To Your Insurance Company After A Car Accident

It is common knowledge that after getting involved in a car accident, there are vital parties that must be reached out to for your wellbeing. The first party that must be reached out to is without a doubt the law enforcement as they have the mandate of ensuring all road users are safe and adhere to traffic rules. They must, therefore, be among the first respondents at the scene of an accident, and they will come handy for taking formal statements from all the drivers plus make an analysis of the situation. It is equally critical to call for emergency medical services, especially when there are severe injuries and victims who required prompt medical attention.

Once the police and medical respondents have already come to the scene and conducted their primary duties, the next phase for many people is reaching out to their insurance company. This is a vital step as insurance companies provide a cover for all their policyholders and must be instantly made aware of an accident. However, the fact that an insurance company has covered you does not mean that they will instantly fork out money immediately they are contacted, and there are rules to adhere when talking to your agent. The following are some of the basic rules to abide by before reaching out to an insurance agent;

  1. Never admit fault

There is always a false sense of security many people have when talking to their insurance company as the assumption is they the mandate to protect their rights. This cannot be further from the truth as the primary duty of every insurance adjuster is to minimize the liability of the company. Regardless of whether you take the blame for over speeding, dangerous overtaking, or distracted driving, this information must never come from you to the agent. Saying how sorry you are is equally not going to solve any problem as the call must be strictly to provide general information about the accident.

  1. Going all out about your injuries

An old trick that insurance companies use that a lot of people always fall for is answering the question about your injuries and that of other passengers. You must never discuss your injuries with an insurance agent but instead, make it known that everyone is in the process of seeking professional medical attention. A common mistake many people make is claiming they have a whiplash or body pains, which can easily be marked as a false claim. A rule of the thumb is that discussions about injuries must be limited to a doctor’s official reports and should be when formal talks have been initiated.

  1. Ignoring the vital role of an attorney

Since insurance companies are always worried about profits, you require someone dedicated to the protection of your rights. Car accident attorneys Los Angeles can save you from making any mistakes when communicating with an insurance agent and should be reached out to as soon as possible. These professionals understand all the tricks in the books used by insurance companies and will see to it that you have the best guidance during the challenging period.

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